August 4, 2015

11 Ideas for Your About Page

Apparently about pages are pretty important. They're the second thing that I look at on a blog- right after the home page. You want your readers to know a bit more about you. But you don't want them to be weirded out. You don't want to share too much, but you don't want to seem to cold and distant. GAHH.

I'm having a bit of difficulty with my about page (please don't go looking at it, for some reason my pictures won't resize to the right size, and so it's all messed up. It'll be fixed eventually, though. I hope.) so I thought that maybe some might be confused like me. What should your about page look like?

And here's my answer.

It's fine however you like it. Make it something that YOU are happy about. But if you're still confused, here are some random ideas to make for a fun about page.
11 Ideas for Your About Page
1. 10 (or whatever number you like) weird/unusual/unnormal facts about you

2. A slideshow- pictures of you, your family, things you like, etc.

3. A video introduction

4. A scrapbook styled page (I'm sure you can find free washi-tape clip art and whatever else your crafty heart desires) complete with lots of pictures with captions.

5. A timeline (when you were born, when your blog started, when you died, etc.) And yes, the part about when you died was supposed to be sarcastic.

6. A picture/tour of your room. What is it with people always requesting room tours?! Anyhow, apparently you can tell a lot about a person by the room/house you live in, so maybe this would be fun... I've never tried it... But it sounds like a cool idea...

7. Some links to your favorite posts you've done.

8. Some links for your social media.

9. A q&a. any type of question should do, but preferably pertaining to you and your blog. People don't really want you to answer questions about squirrels and nutella.

10. Quotes/Bible verses that inspire you/speak to you/ whatever you just like.

11. Some of you dreams/goals. If they're written out (especially online where everyone can see), you're more likely to achieve them.

So yeah, I personally don't believe there is anything that HAS to be on an about page, but that's preference. Just make it into what you want it to be, but let it reflect you and your blog. :) What do you guys think? Is there anything that HAS to be on an about page?



  1. Whoa, it's like you read my mind-- I was actually thinking about making an intro video for my about page! :) The bare minimum that should be on the about page (I think they are a bit essential) is a bit of who someone is and what their blog is about.

    xoxo Morning

  2. I tagged you for a challenge! here is the link:

  3. This is amazing! <3 Thanks for sharing your tips.
    ~ Sanjana

    1. aw, you're so sweet! thanks for reading!

  4. Lovely blog!
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