May 5, 2015

A Day in Ella's Life #someplaceinmylife

Hey guys! I'm finally back to the routine of twice a week posts, and I have lots of great stuff planned. I'm continuing my series of #someplaceinmylife with a guest post about Ella's day in her life. Ella blogs over at and you should definitely check if out! If you would like to know more about this series, read my post here, and if you'd like to submit a day in your life post, contact me here! Without further ado, here's Ella's day.

8:55 am + I wake up! It's kind of late for me, but I was honestly just so tired, plus I have a bit of a cold. I always sleep more when I'm sick! (I think everyone does.)

9:15 am + I spend a few minutes working on my blog before breakfast. Today's the day my blog gets a new name and a makeover - there's a lot of work to be done!

9:35 am + My family all has breakfast together - a Saturday tradition. This week it's poached egg, baked beans, tomatoes, fried mushrooms, and toast. Yum!

10:10 am + I get dressed and take a few photos for my blog and Instagram. 

11:40 am + I finish taking photos, and I start editing my blog for the last time before it's new look is published!

12:20 pm + A quick lunch break is in order, consisting of pin wheels (leftovers from a school bake sale) and homemade mango sorbet. My family only eats one big meal a day (usually dinner), so the other meal (lunch) is often just a snack. 

12:40 pm + I go back to working on my blog, and putting the finishing touches on it. 

1:20 pm + My new blog design is finished, woo! 

1:40 pm + I purchase my own domain,, and also a better version of Weebly, my blog host. 

3:00 pm + I finally publish my blog, as well as updating links, editing my blog, and getting everything connected up. 

3:10 pm + I'm ridiculously tired (thanks, cold!) so I get into bed and watch a few episodes of The IT Crowd on Netflix.

4:30 pm + I check my Instagram, Twitter, and emails. I also kind of got distracted by scrolling through Instagram, oops.

5:00 pm + I draw. I love drawing, but I don't really do it often enough. I also really want to use paints more often, but that will have to wait for another time. 

6:20 pm + Dinner! We had homemade burgers + chips WHICH IS MUCH HEALTHIER THAN IT SOUNDS. We make the burger patties using lots of fresh veggies, and the 'chips' are wedges of potatoes sliced and cooked in the oven. Making your own food means that you know exactly what's in it and that there is no nasty fats or preservatives.

6:45 pm + I quickly send off a few emails, as well as planning a collaboration blog post for the future. 

7: 30 pm + Most weekends we watch a movie as a whole family, and tonight we watched Life As We Know It. It was quite good! 

9:30 pm + I climb into bed and read through a couple of people's blogs and read part of the book I'm currently reading, Blood Ties by Sophie McKenzie.

10:50 pm + I go to sleep. Sick people have early (earlier than usual) nights. 


  1. I would love to have your schedule, even just for the summer! My family-- at least, my parents-- are always out of the house and are often busy to have sit down dinners or watch movies together. :(

    xoxo Morning

    1. This schedule does sound super fun!

  2. Your schedule sounds fun! That mango sorbet...oh dear, now I'm hungry. :') I like tour point about homemade food, it might be burgers and chips, but it's waayy healthier than what they serve at McDonald's and other places. :)

    1. YES. homemade food is sooo much healthier without all the processed junk.

  3. Thanks so much for letting me guest post, Sophia! It was a lot of fun!

    Ella x

    1. Thank YOU so much for doing it! It's so fun to get a peek in to your life. :)

  4. I'm so envious of this schedule - Ella seems so productive whereas I wouldn't be awake until noon even if I didn't have a cold! I'm so glad I got to read this as it served as my motivation to spend my days better. Once I settle for a routine, I'd try to submit my own day-in-the-life post!! xx

    1. sounds great! Thanks for reading.