April 30, 2015

Interview with Jo and Olivia | Guest Post

Hey peeps, so I've been working on a collab with Jo and Olivia. It's been fun. Their answer (and the questions) are pretty hilarious, you should check them out. :)
Jo blogs at The Bearable Blog and O blogs at Life as a Young Lady. You should definitely check out their blogs because they're awesome.  Let me know if you want to collab with me by contacting me here, and let me know in the comments below which answer was the funniest, and if you want to answer any of these questions as well, feel free. 

1. Favorite dessert?
Jo: Strawberry cheesecake, strawberry pie, anything with strawberry!
O: Either lemon cupcakes or lemon Oreos.

2. Funniest childhood memory?
Jo: I was in kindergarten, and we were doing presentations on future ideas for transportation. Naturally, I chose a big helicopter chicken. And for some reason, I remember dancing throughout my presentation as I talked. Everybody laughed, I laughed. Many years later I died from embarrassment.
O: Most of my childhood memories were funny to other people, but not to me at the time. Once when I was about three or four, I stuck a ring-shaped tambourine around my hips and pretended to teach a belly-dancing class (I am not joking at all and I wish I had physical evidence that this happened other than my parents' testimonies). Moments later, I couldn't get back out of the tambourine, and eventually my mother had to put Vaseline on the tambourine and slide it off of me, with me crying the entire time. There is no lie in any of this and I really wish I had pictures to prove it.

3. City girl or country girl?
Jo: I do love the country but I'll always be a city girl at heart. The blur of busy people, the dreams and the neon lights feels like adventure.
O: City for sure

4. Strangest gift you've ever received?Jo: Baby food! I have a friend who sent me an assortment of strange things, and one of the gifts was baby food. It looked like soggy meat and tasted like water.
O:  I actually can't think of a strange gift at the moment...how strange... :P

5. If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be?
Jo:Communism (just kidding). I would get rid of discrimination.
O: People who hurt other people--murderers and kidnappers, racists and sexists...okay that's a lot of people but I just wish they were all gone.

6. What annoys you most?
Jo: People taking advantage of those weaker than them, or people abusing their power.
O: FAKE FINGERNAILS. Okay it's maybe not the most annoying thing but it is my top pet peeve right now. Like I hate how in a lot of YouTube videos girls have those really long fake fingernails...like ewww. How does that look good to them? It makes them look like the witch from Into the Woods. 

7. Would you rather be really hot or really cold? Why?
Jo: Really cold. Where I live there are only two seasons: summer and winter. Winter is windy and rainy, but summer feels like being slowly cooked in an oven. I could crack an egg mid-air and have it fry before it touched the ground.
O:  Really cold, because then I can add layers. Being really hot just makes you collapse.

8. Which of Snow White's 7 dwarfs describes you best and why? (Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey)
Jo: Sleepy. I'm always sleepy these days. Zzzz.
O: I'm a combination of Sleepy and Grumpy. I always want to be asleep, and when I'm not then I'm grumpy.

9. Favorite drink?
Jo: Pink lemonade!
O: Um, water? Jk, I really like cherry limeades.

10. One personal goal for this year?
Jo: To start writing a novel. It's about time!
O: DON'T KILL ANYONE. Also get closer to God.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. lol :) These answers were great! Had me laughing the whole time..

    1. haha. I'm glad you got a laugh out of it! Thanks for reading.

  2. Such a fun interview! ^.^ I despise fake nails too and people who are discriminative of others.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yes. fake fingernails creep me out.

  3. "DON'T KILL ANYONE". :') great answers from Olivia. Thanks for having me! :)

  4. Great answers! Such a fun interview! :D

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  5. I loved this - it was so chilled back and fun! I could relate with almost all of the answers! xoxo

    1. sweet! i'm glad you enjoyed it. Jo and O are awesome!

  6. Oh my gosh, the tambourine story! Hahaha. That was probably so traumatic!