March 13, 2015

why cousins are the best people

So I don't know if you guys know this, but I have a lot of cousins.
Like, a lot.
And they're all totally awesome people. As you probably know, my family is going through some tough times dealing with my grandmother's passing. Well, as Ma from Little house on the Prairie so wisely said, "there's no great loss without some small gain." That's exactly how it was with my grandmother's death. While it's totally sad that she passed away, it was so amazing to be with family and to grieve together. <3

So here it is, plain and simple. These are in no particular order. Enjoy. And I'm sorry for the cheesy hashtags. I'm tired.

1. They have siblings that will keep your sibling occupied. Seriously I never see my siblings when we go on vacation with our cousins because they are always off on some adventure with their cousin-buddies.
2. They love you weird parents.
3. They understand your weirdness.
4. That same weirdness runs in their blood.
5. They're stuck with you. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Did I creep you out yet?!

I'm pretty sure our Auntie was telling us how she was attacked by geese at this moment.
6. They're the sibling you've always wanted but never had.
7. They'll tell you the truth. Like I said, we're stuck with each other. There's no room for waxed on compliments.
8. No matter how long it's been, it's like you never left each other.
9. They understand your fan-girl-ness. Hunger Games? Once Upon a Time? You got it!!
10. There's so much FOOD. What is family without insane amounts of food?
11. You have family jokes/traditions no one else will get. Season all. Party Mix. (Told you you wouldn't get it!)

I promise she's not actually a head taller than all of us. Although she is pretty close. 

12. People can tell you're related. And I don't really know why this one is so awesome. It just is cool when someone walks up to you and tells you you've got to be related to your cousin. It's also a little creepy.
13. There's no such thing as personal space. There's a time and place for personal space, but around family, NOPE.
14. They'll give you stuff. Like, lots of stuff. Hand-me-downs are awesome, people.
15. They offer great advice.
16. Sleep is highly overrated. Sleeping should definitely not be a priority during family reunions.
17. They have the same childhood memories as you.

Don't you agree?
18. Looking through old photo albums is awesome.
19. You can laugh at your parents in said old photo albums. (Seriously, Dad?! Pink Shorts?!)
20. They push you. (Hopefully not literally. More like they'll push you to do things you wouldn't necessarily do on your own.)

So yeah, now you have a sence of what kind of crazy famiy I come from. It's pretty epic.
Are you guys close to your cousins? Do you have any funny stories about you and your cousins? Let me know! You can learn a lot about of a person through their family.

That's it for today,
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  1. Okaayyyyy.
    You seriously just described my cousin and I.
    Every. Single. Point.
    This was a great post, and I loved the pictures and the hashtags. xD

    1. Aw thanks! I love it when people are close to their cousins. :) I'm glad you have a good relationship with them!!

  2. I feel ya! I have a ton of cousins myself, and it's so great. Thank you for this post, Sophia ♥♥

  3. I have a ton of cousins. We're weird, and about 100% of what you said is true, especially the no personal space rule. XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yep. Weirdness is what describes me and my cousins best. :)

  4. I literally have LOADS of cousins, and its like, although we don't see each other everyday, when we do see each other its like we've been together everyday for the past year! family is always the best! x

    1. Awesome! I love it when people love their cousins as much as I do. :)

  5. I only keep in touch with one of my cousins, but she is much older than me, so we're not that close. It sounds like fun, though :)

    Bella Pummarola

    1. That's great that you keep in touch, though!

  6. Gotta admit i love my cousins they're like my sisters only i can tell them a lot more - we're more like besties than anything!!

    1. That's awesome! I love it when people are so close to their cousins. :)

  7. I have a bunch of cousins too! Large families are great!

  8. Agree!!! I have a biiiiiiiig family. For reals everyone is a cousin, I have ppl coming up to me saying we are realted! My closest cousins tho are like my own sisters and brothers..

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  9. Yes! the whole well its your weired family doesnt work because they turn around and say but its your weired family too!! that ! Thanks for sharing with us for The Sunday Brunch Magazine, we look forward to sharing your work, Bel & Eliza xx