March 20, 2015

A day in Sophia's life #someplaceinmylife

I found this super cute blog, you guys.
It's called Our Nest in the City. Isn't that the cutest name?!?!
Anywhooooo, there's this series on the blog called A Day in Her Life where the blogger had all these other ladies share a day in their lives. Isn't that cool? Like, we could all share a day in our lives and just get a better peek into one anothers' lives.

But here's the thing. I need you guys to contact me here if you want to guest post your day on my blog.
Basically like any other guest post, you would just share what a day in your life looks like, sprinkle in a few pictures, and boom. Up on my blog with your link so others can find your blog through mine.
OH, and you DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BLOGGER to guest post. You can be a random person who want to promote a business like jamberry or thirty one bags. Whatever. You just have to somehow promote my blog, be it a tweet, facebook share, youtube vid, whatevs. 

This series is so cool there's even a hashtag for it. #someplaceinmylife to fit with the #someplaceinthemidst theme. I'm so smart.

So to start us all off, here's a day in my life.

7:30 wake up, read, get dressed, email important people like my mom.

830(ish) breakfast is fend for yourself and you basically just eat food until mom says to stop.

9:00 family bible time, we just finished reading the book of 1 Kings today, we usually read a chapter of the Bible, then we use a few devotional books, including Experiencing God and Jesus Calling. Bible time is finished with a prayer- everyone has to gets to pray out loud.

9:15 SCHOOL. Today I did Math, Science, Art, ACT, and IEW. It was all great fun. Except for some nutty pre-calc problems that nearly killed me.

12:30 I ate potato salad (LUNCH) while I practiced piano and studied for a theory test.

1:00 PIANO LESSONS. I taught 8 lessons this afternoon. It was all awesome. I have the best students around. :)

4:45 Piano is over! We had a couple neighbors over, my mom had a friend over, and a few random kids that just showed up. Just Kidding. But seriously, there were so many people that a few extra would just blend in. Just look at the pile of our guests' shoes.

5:00 Mom had to take my bro to track, so basically everyone left. Mom took the party with her. One brother went to a neighbor's house, and another went to a different neighbor's house, and so Bug (the youngest of my brothers) and I went on a walk.

5:45 Dad came home from work and we made dinner and ate. Thankfully mom had made chili so we didn't have to make something up.

6:30 We cleaned up, and so I got a bit of homework done.

7:00 one more piano lesson!!

8:10 I got some history, literature, and bible homework done. :)

9:15 We watched an episode of Once Upon a Time as a family. Seriously. I have the best family.

10:00 I got a bit of homework done, some blogging business, watching random youtube vloggers.

11:00 I had to study for a chem quarterly test that's tomorrow

11:45 Some reading and other stuff like putting on pajamas. 

12:00-12:30 I usually fall asleep sometime around now.

That's it, ya all.


  1. Wow this is such a great idea! I loved getting an insight into a day in your life, deffo feel I know you better now ^_^ x

  2. The insight to your life is very interesting and looks very productive compared to my life (all it is just like wake up, school, homework, theater/dance/track, blog, then sleep). I'd love to guest post some time; I will try to make time for it!

    xoxo Morning

    1. That would be great! I would love to hear about your life. :)

  3. I really like your blog:) And this post was very well done:)

  4. great post!!

  5. This is a cute idea! I've seen a lot of YouTubers do this, but I haven't thought about writing a "Day in my Life" blog post. I also liked your pictures! Love it :)