March 6, 2015

10 ways to refresh a space on a budget | Guest Post

I'm sorry ya'all. I FORGOT TO POST ON TUESDAY. But yeah, if you guys remember, there's been some crazy stuff going on in my life, so I haven't been able to do lots of blogging.
Anyways, thanks Sophie for doing the guest post!!

Hi! It's Sophie from iDesigns by Sophie, my sewing and interior design (and maybe soon lifestyle) blog! For me, an aspiring interior designer, I obviously don't have a bottomless budget when it comes to decorating my spaces. When I was redecorating my bedroom last year, I was convinced that there was no way that I could get it to look the way I wanted unless I broke the bank. But now, as I prepare to revamp my sewing area, and after I have scoured the internet and my brain finding these 10 brilliant money-saving tricks, I feel entirely confident that I will get the job done for close to nothing! And after reading this post, you will too! Let's get started!

1. DIY Canvases: These are my personal favorite because they're cheap, easy, and really helped me get in touch with my artistic side! Check out my inspiration post about them here and more tutorial post here.

2. Quote Collage: This is even easier than the cavases, and all you need is a bulletin board (any size), scissors, and a printer. 

3. Burlap Bulletin Board: As you can see, I love using bulletin boards! This one is a little more sophisticated, and you can purchase burlap with different patterns on it from Michael's. Click here for a quick tutorial on how to put the project together.

4. Glass Jars/ Vases: This one might sound kind of obvious, but when done correctly, $15 worth of glass can look like $150! I like to supplement the inexpensive vases with some that are a little more expensive, just so it doesn't look to tacky. The most I've spent on a vase is actually $79 (I know, I'm the only 14 year old who spends that much on a room accessory), but I honestly plan to keep it in my house for the rest of my life!

5. DIY Shelving: For this one, it certainly helps to have a friend or family member who's skilled in carpentry, but anyone can learn! Pick your own medium, paint, shape, and size, and you have your very own shelf. The shelf in the picture above is custom built as well. I apologize for the not-so-great accessorizing in this picture, it's been updated a lot since the photo was taken! Click here for a full post on DIY shelving.

6. Handsewn Pillows: I know sewing can be very daunting at first, but a pillow cover is a great place to start! When I sewed my first one, I literally had zero sewing experience, and it turned out so well that I kept it in my room until a few months ago when I made some new ones. Click here for a full tutorial I did for Little Panda Crafts.

7. Books, Books, and More Books: When I first started using this technique, I mostly stuck with the random paperback books that I already had, and that works fine, but recently I went to a used bookstore and bought some fantastic Harvard Classics books that are gorgeous! They were just five dollars a piece, and I plan on going back and getting more! You can also use random hardcover books and take off the paper cover.

8. String of Photos: This is probably the simplest out of all of the 10 listed here, and it doesn't cost anything! Find some pictures, online or of your own, and clip them onto a string with clothespins. I actually found this idea on the Clover + Dot blog, and this is her photo as well. Check my blog in a few weeks to see my own rendition of it in my new sewing area!

9. Plants: I've always been one to try to bring a little bit of nature into spaces, and plants are the simplest way to do just that! Go to any grocery store (I think this one is from Wegmans?) and pick up a plant for around $4.00 and find a nice ceramic pot. The one shown here is from Michael's and if I remember correctly, it was $9.00.

10. Creative Bedmaking: I know that sounds a little cheesy and obvious, but changing the way you make your bed can entirely change you space! You can even sew your own pillows and throw those on as well. Click here for a full inspiration post.

Hope you like some of these ideas and will give them a try yourself!
Keep designing, Sophie <3

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  1. These are really great ideas! :)

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    1. All the thanks goes to my blogging friend, sophie. Thanks for reading!!

  3. I like the glass and the plants ideas best. Great tips Sophie.