February 17, 2015

Why you should start HTML/CSS-ing | Guest Post

That awkward moment when it's almost 5pm and you forgot that you were supposed to post today.... But wait! Don't worry! Vanshi's got you covered!!
Vanshi and I have exchanged guest posts, and you can find mine on her blog here. She's really quite lovely!! Now, just so you know, I don't know ANYTHING (except for copy and pasting) about html/css. So anyways, any questions you have. FEEL FREE TO ASK THEM, and I will (hopefully!) get Vanshi back to do some basic html/css tips. 

Anyway, thank you Vanshi for doing this guest post for my blog! Without further ado, here we go!

Hey! I'm Vanshi from the blog Upwardss. It's nice to meet y'all. I'm doing a guest post for the lovely Sophia today :)

Why you should start html/css-ing

1. It's fun.
As geeky as this may sound, once I started I just could not stop. Surprisingly, it's quite addicting. There is so much to learn through HTML/CSS, and I don't even think I'm done learning 1/8 of it.

2. To Improve Your Blog Layout/Theme.
All bloggers start out with the Simple Template theme by Blogger. It's to the point, basic, but no offense, boring! It doesn't show style, and needless to say, won't show your personality. Through HTML and CSS, you can customize your blog to your needs. It is your blog after all. 

3. To Gain Followers
When I first stumble upon a blog, the first thing anyone sees is the theme (therefore, everyone's first judgements). This goes back to #2, but you should customize your blog to your likes. If somebody has a really nice theme, I will follow them (not to say if you don't, I won't).

4. To Understand Your Blog
Okay. So you don't want to customize your blog? That's cool. But, if your blog is one of your best friends, don't you want to understand it? That's what best friends do. (But in all seriousness, you really should. It will help your blog look appealing). I'm pretty sure you'd rather customize it for free rather than pay someone to do it for you. Plus, the joy you get finishing it is irreplaceable. 

5. For the joy of it.
If you take a hit at it, I'm almost sure you're sure to make it one of your hobbies. Hard day? Sit down, apple cider in one hand, trackpad in the other, and code. It's free stress relief. 

I hope you enjoyed this post :) If you've got anymore reasons, feel free to comment them below, and I'll check them out!

Thanks again to Vanshi, and feel free to comment your questions/whatever. I seriously love reading comments.


  1. HTML and CSS are so fun! And they do make blogs cleaner and more accessible/wasy to navigate.

    xoxo Morning

  2. Thanks so much for this lovely opportunity, Sophia! I loved working with you :)

    1. Thanks for doing this!! It was lots of fun.

  3. Again some great tips!

  4. yassss...css and html are soo amazing. I used to hate graphic designing, and would only do it because I wanted a good design, but you need to put your heart into it when you do it. Now it is a great hobby of mine :)

    1. That's awesome! Man, maybe I should start learning how to html. :)

  5. I love playing around with HTML and blog design too! It's honestly so much fun to change everything up, and I love customizing my blog to how I like it! Great post! :D

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life