About Sophia

What's up!

My name is Sophia and I'm a blogger.
I study, read, walk, and live a lot.

Weird facts about me:
1. I really can't stand peanut butter
2. I love pop, rap, rock, celtic, indie, worship, and country music. Like for real. I'm also trained classically in piano and play competitively. And I write music and teach piano lessons and cool stuff like that.
3. I love to study.
4. I'm slightly OCD- anything that's crooked or mismatched drives me crazy.
5. My clothes are organized by color
6. I like to run, but only because of cute workout clothes
7. I hate negative attitudes- in the forms whining, judgmental-ness, and gossip.
8. I love the concept of entrepreneurship, and run a few businesses.
9. I'm learning french. So far, I can say hello and what my name is. #progress. I can also speak a bit of Lao. And pig latin.
10. I love Microwaveable brownies. My best recipe is here.
11. I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to caffeine. The smallest sip can keep me up for hours.
12. I'm probably the most shy person you will ever meet in real life. For real.

I would head over to my Instagram if you want to see the artsy, contemplative side of me , my pinterest if you want to see the minimalistic stylish side of me, and my Twitter if you just want my sarcasm. And I don't really do stuff on youtube or tumblr. Sorry.

This blog was basically started to I could share my crazy brain with you, internet people. You can read a much more serious post about my blog here.

Anyway, I love you guys and thanks for putting of my my weirdness.


  1. Hi. I found your blog through the Christian Women Bloggers Directory. I love what I have read so far and look forward to reading more.

    God Bless

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Kimberley! I look forward to looking at your blog, too!

  2. Love. this. blog. I want to follow, but it says it can't process my request...I'm gonna keep trying. Nice blog, fellow Sophia! ;)


    1. By the way, who designed your blog? Looks really cute!

    2. I'm so glad you like my blog!! I've been trying to follow your blog as well, but it hasn't worked so far. Maybe google is having issues right now. I definitely want to follow your blog! I actually used a free blogger template I found on pinterest, and I tweaked it to fit my preferences. :)
      All the best,

    3. Hey, if you go to the blogger website and go to your reading list, click "add" and then enter the url for my blog (http://someplaceinthemidst.blogspot.com/) you should be able to follow my blog that way.

  3. I just read your introduction - very lovely. :)

  4. Wonderful blog! I just found it and I already LOVE it! I followed!


  5. I found you and I'm excited about it! I'll just be catching up on every single post I haven't read.

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  7. I also get called Soph! And occasional people think I'm Sophia. We must be twins!

    1. My long lost twin! I finally found you!! lol.

  8. I really like your blog!