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Someplace in the Midst started in late 2014 as my way to explore my creative side and just share stuff. I started by spending countless hours figuring out how to make the design look good, and countless more hours trying to figure what in the world html was.
I now know what it is. Thanks, google.

My first posts were awkward and full of pictures with terrible lighting. Sorry, internet world. Since then, this blog has morphed and changed for the better, and I now know a bit more about lighting and editing and all that jazz.

I spent way too much time on pinterest reading blogging tips and how to have a successful blog. Seriously, I was a bit overwhelmed. However, I simply decided to just wing it and be myself on my blog and see where it took me.

I  now post twice a week (mostly) and in the past month, I've been trying to find the purpose for my blog. As a lifestyle bloggers, posts can seem kind of random, because life is random. I've now filtered my blogs purpose down to one sentence:

Someplace in the Midst is a place in the midst of life's craziness and nastiness where people become inspired to create beautiful things.

Basically, that's what my blog is here for. I post blogging stuff, food stuff, and music stuff, mostly for the purpose of inspiring my readers to create beautiful things: be it food, blogs, and basically creating a beautiful life.

I want this blog to continue to grow and thrive, and I can't wait to see where this adventure leads!

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