November 6, 2015

A Day in Zelus' Life #someplaceinmylife

Holla! My blogging friend Zelus from the blog My Hopeful Pencil is sharing a post in my series Someplace in my Life which you can read about, and figure out how to get involved here. If you would like to do a similar post, contact me here. Now, on to this cool day in the life of Zelus!!

9 am: Wake up, shower, brush teeth, do my prayers

9.30 am: Breakfast- a cup of Milo (hot chocolate) with some oatmeal.

11 a.m Movie! We don’t usually watch movies, especially in the morning, at the cinema, but my mother wanted us to watch this Taiwanese movie called Our Times 《我的少女时代》 as she said it’ll help my brother in preparing for a storytelling contest. It’s the fourth time I’m seeing it, twice in the cinema. It’s also my current favourite movie. This is the poster:

1.30 p.m: Lunch. Fried rice I cooked from the rice from yesterday’s dinner, with eggs, and shrimp chilli paste. This I wrap with seaweed. 

2pm: Meeting/Training with my Model UN Club, on Google Hangouts. We covered writing position papers, researching and resolution writing, some of which can be found in my blog with the link MUN 101. My brother made milo ice blend, as you can see in the photo (it was in the pink bottle but I finished it).

4.15 pm: Work on some logistics of the MUN Club, like organising the attendance chart, sending out minutes of meeting, etc. A lot of work!

4.45 pm: Work on my English assignment.

5.15-7.30 pm: Online IGCSE Biology lesson

7.40 pm: Blend some watermelon juice :)

7:50 pm: Drink watermelon while watching some youtube videos

8:00 pm: Dinner, packed bee noon (thin rice noodles) from the coffee shop outside.

8:45pm: While washing my cup in the kitchen sink, my brother beside me is blending watermelon juice when he somehow lost his grip on the cover, and guess what? Watermelon juice exploded all over the kitchen counter, floor, my brother, my other brother, and me. At least he’s responsibly cleaning it all up now.

9 pm: Complete and submit English homework while listening to Chinese songs.

9: 30 pm: Research for MUN. Right now I’m trying to understand more about my country’s stance on the topics we’re discussing at the conference, which is in 2 weeks.

10pm: Write this post :)

So today was quite packed, with one meeting, one online lesson and one impromptu movie, unlike usual days where I only have one online lesson and the rest relatively free, with homework of course. Thank you Sophia for letting me do this guest post!

10:15pm: continue researching for MUN

10:30pm: go on blogger, read some new posts. 

12am: I go to bed at this point

Isn't that a cool day?! Thanks for sharing, Zelus!!


  1. Awwh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats dinner late and sleeps late. I find that so many people eat dinner at six pm, and we've never done that. I find people with Indian heritage are used to eating slightly later, although a lot of my friends think it's crazy. :D
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Technically i think Asians in general eat dinner late, even though it's discouraged or something. My dinner depends on whether my dad is cooking or he's bringing back food. Glad you found something relatable xD

    2. I've found the same thing - an Asian friend of mine eats around 9 at night, which is actually sometimes normal for me, but crazy for a lot of others who eat at 5 or 6 instead.
      ~ Sanjana

    3. I used to live with a family (in America) who would eat dinner at 7 or 8 , just because that's when everyone got home. In France, they also eat much later- when my dad was there, he said meals would go past midnight sometimes.

  2. Ooh, I love this post! I literally cannot function past 9:30, I don't even know how people do work then.


    1. I'm more of a nocturnal animal- after dinner I'm most productive and inspired to work. In the morning I'm still asleep xD

    2. Haha, sometimes I feel the same way as you, Noor!