October 10, 2015

Partner with Someplace in the Midst

Hey friends! I know it's been forever since I posted. I apologize.
Honestly, life has grabbed me around my neck and I have to fight to keep from strangling under the weight of busyness. (Did you guys like that image I put in your head??)

Okay, and also, I've been in kind of a blogger writer's block rut. I'm not really sure why, but I can't think of anything good to write about. Ever had that problem?

Anywhooo, here are 4 ways you can partner with Someplace in the Midst. It's all great fun!!

partner with someplace in the midst

  • Anyway, other than all that, life's good. I've been partnering with some other bloggers with Button swaps. That's been fun. If you would like to partner via ad swap, visit me here-Partner.
  • Also, I would love some guest bloggers on my blog to shake things up!! Again, contact me here- Partner. I'm mostly looking for posts about blogging/happy life stuff/food. But hey, if you blog about DIYs or Fashion or whatever, that's all good. I would love to guest post for you all, too. I think guest blogging is a great way to get your name out into a different crowd than your normal readers.
  • If you're a business- I'd love to do a giveaway or promotion- you can read more about it on my partner page, but the gist is that I won't do a particular post like "here's a great makeup line" or "check out this etsy shop". I will do posts more like "5 great prints to buy on etsy" or "giveaway of this awesome print" It would all be great fun!
  • One last thing, I started a series that kind of flopped called Someplace in my Life. It was all about sharing a day in your life on my blog. I would REALLY REALLY REALLY love some bloggers/random people who don't have a blog share a day in their life on my blog!! You can find out more information here.
Well, everyone, have a deliciously wonderful day! Let me know what kind of marketing you've used on your blog and what has worked.


  1. I would love to swap guest posts with you! E-mail me if you're interested. asheralnut30(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Great post! I sent you a message!


  3. I tagged you for the Song tag
    check it out here:


  4. Hello! I love your blog and have followed it. I'd love to do your Someplace in My Life guest post/thingy, and I put your button on my blog at www.myhopefulpencil.blogspot.com.
    If you would like me to do a Someplace In My Life guest post, do not hesitate to contact me at myhopefulpencil[at]gmail[dot]com (trying to reduce the spam robots).

    1. Hi! I sent you an email!! I look forward to hearing from you. :)