August 18, 2015

Photography 101 | Guest Post

Hey peeps, it's Sophia! I just want to thank the wonderful Alyssa for doing this post. It's so stinkin GOOD. Definitely check out her blog

Hello! My name is Alyssa and Sophia from Someplace In the Midst graciously allowed me to do a guest-post! Today I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite things and share some basics with you- Photography!

Although I'm nowhere close to being a professional photographer, it is something I hold near & dear to my heart and something I have put a lot of time into. Here's some tips to help you get started in taking some AWESOME pictures of your very own!

1. It does not matter what camera you have.
People say it ALL the time, and honestly it used to bug me so so so much. I always had in mind that a DSLR would make me so much better. A DSLR can help take you farther, but I can assure you it IS possible to take a bad photo on a fancy camera.... which means it's just as possible to take a good photograph on a not so great camera as well! This is one of my favorite pictures I have taken. It happens that it wasn't taken on my DSLR, but rather my IPhone 5. Chances are you have a exceptional tool in your pocket right this moment! Keep an open mind and think about the photo itself.

2. Composition is KEY- and break some "rules"!
The basic composition tip people give is to use the rule of thirds. I always hear that you should avoid placing objects in the center of your photos. I think this is a very good rule when it comes to portraits or general things, but rules are sometimes meant to be broken. Above is a photo I took at Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. It's really basic, but moving the palm tree thing to the right slightly made it look much more interesting than having it smack dab in the center. However, as shown in my photo below, that rule can be broken and you can still have a compelling photograph. I wanted to place the truck emblem in the center to pull the color from the sides, and the shiny metal stands out against it. I think it would have looked odd if it were more to the left or right. With composition, try shifting your main object a bit, and decide with your best judgement what looks nice. You'll honestly get a good feel for everything if you keep practicing!  

2. Don't be afraid to edit your photographs.
When I first started out with photography, I honestly felt bad about editing my photos. It didn't feel right to me, and I almost felt like I was lying! Ha. If you're in this same situation, I just want to let you know that every other photograph that you see on the internet is edited. All of them! Nothing you see from photographers online is straight from the camera. Use a trial version of photoshop or Pixlr (which is free) to mess around a bit. This photo above would not have looked interesting at all if it wasn't in black and white! Editing a bit can help a great deal to make your photograph have more emotion or interest. There's lots of great tutorials online, but I have personally found that boosting your contrast a bit will give you lots of bold color and sharpness. If you like lots of color, try it out sometime!

3. Take pictures of everything. Get out of your comfort zone!
Sometimes when people start out they might see a photographer's style they like and want to do just that. Maybe you just want to do fashion photography. That's totally fine, and really is awesome! However, you do want to branch out sometimes. Messing around in other "genres" can help you see new things when you come back to your comfortable subject. If you're a fashion photographer, going out to take macro pictures can help train your eye to see details, and then maybe you can capture interesting details later of your model's hair, eyes, or interesting details on a clothing article. Branching out to where you are uncomfortably can help you see everything in a brand new way, and photography is exactly all about that!

These are all several things that I wish I had known when I started taking pictures. Get out a camera, and take one with you wherever you go! Photography has helped me see the world in a different way and has helped me appreciate everything much more than I did before. Thank you Sophia for letting me post!

Alyssa Byrd

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  1. Wow, Alyssa, these are very important tips to keep in mind! Especially about being able to take great photos on non-fancy cameras and visa-versa. Great guest post!

    xoxo Morning

  2. About 75 days ago I started this 'photo a day' thing just to record memories for an entire year, and as a result photography's become a part of my life. I've found that making things black and white, or 'Lo Fi' to exaggerate colours really can make them look so much better, all done on my admittedly lousy iPhone 4. Taking photos of anything and everything can really surprisingly create some amazing photos of YOUR own personal daily life. Your photos are breathtaking Alyssa x

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Nice tips! I really enjoyed reading this post, and your photographs are stunning:)

  4. Can anyone tell me if VSCOcam is worth it? I've heard so much about it, but I've only been using Layout/Snapseed/SquarBlur to edit my Instagram pictures. Anyone have any idea?
    ~ Sanjana

    1. It's totally worth it, I adore it, I use it to edit most of my pictures :)

    2. VSCO cam- totally worth it. it's free, and i use it to do preliminary editing for some of my blogging pictures, and use it all the time for instagram. i love the filters and the simplicity of the app. :)

  5. I love this post, these are so helpful!

    a little bit of sunshine

  6. This post was so helpful! Thank you for sharing - I'm always in need of some awesome photography tips. :)